Lisa & Garrett: {Joshua Tree} Engagement

There is something about the wilderness of the desert that is fundamentally poetic.  Being completely alone with nothing but the ground and the sky with very little in between almost forces you to contemplate your place in this universe.  It's a place where conditions are hard and there are many challenges, but life still thrives.  The Joshua Tree earned its name because its gnarly limbs resembled the prophet, Joshua, raising his arms in prayer.  So, it seems appropriate that Lisa and Garrett wanted to take their engagement pictures in this spiritual space.

After our adventurous engagement session in the desert, Lisa said she heard there was a bar somewhere nearby that was in the Counting Crows song 'Mrs. Potter's Lullaby.'  Being the dedicated fan that I am, it didn't take much to convince me.  And, the Pioneertown Bar didn't disappoint.  We drank ice cold beer in mason jars out under the stars and ate chili to warm us up as the temperature dropped in the desert.  Ranch hands and hippies mingled on the dance floor while the band told us stories about the songs he'd written.  And that, friends, is why I'm always up for anything.

We drove out to the desert just to lie down beneath this bowl of stars
We stand up at the Palace like it's the last of the great Pioneertown bars
We shout out these songs against the clang of electric guitars
You can see a million miles tonight
But you can't get very far
Counting Crows: Mrs. Potter's Lullaby