The Kathrein Family: {Honeymoon Island}

This family.  There are no words in my heart that would be enough.  Jeff & Ana are two of the worlds most compassionate and genuine people.  Their ambition towards a happy life is contagious and has spread through mine from top to bottom.  Jeff is crazy successful and with that comes crazy busy.  Crazy.  But after we talked about the Braland family (last blog), I was able to convince him to take the time to let me photograph his family.  Because Blythe & Addie will never be this age again.  Because Ana is as beautiful today as the day he met her.  And, because Jeff loves his family more than life itself.

So despite being in the throes of the busy season, we ventured to honeymoon island on a windy december day for an afternoon filled with tutus, sparkling lemonade, family hugs, rock-skipping, braided pig-tails, and mermaid watching.  And, it was perfect.