I am a southern girl at heart with a love for tradition, small talk, and home cooking. Most of my time is spent in Florida, but I love to travel for destination weddings and for fun. I started my career as a journalist and publicist, but the ability to tell a story through pictures tugged at my heart and eventually led me to the place I am today – a wedding and portrait photographer.

On your wedding day, the only thing I want you to focus on is the life-changing event at hand.  I want you to whole-heartedly enjoy the time with your family and friends without a thought to the work going on behind my camera.  My goal is to capture the range of emotions throughout the day and help you to feel comfortable in front of the camera.  I will step in when necessary, give guidance during portraits, and direct my clients toward a beautiful location or lighting, but I will also step back and let your day unfold as its meant to be.  When the wedding has ended, I will present you with honest and true images that represent the spirit of the day.Medium format film is a big part of what makes my style unique.  

The rise of digital cameras has forced the art of exposure, processing, and developing to the margins in exchange for over-saturated skies and unrealistic photoshop filters.  Film is classic, rich, magical, and irreplaceable.  And, when I combine that with my digital workflow I have the best of both worlds.My design aesthetic is minimalist.  The focus of your wedding photographs will be on your relationship – intimate, simple, and honest.  They will be edited cleanly and the album design will have a consistent layout with simple lines and negative space.